With the news that Sports England will be producing a Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts this summer, it is important we take the necessary steps to ensure that we are compliant and upto date.

It makes sense that all organisations, associations, clubs, private companies and sole trading instructors/coaches/teachers involved in martial arts understand their roles and responsibilities when dealing with such important issues.  Undoubtebly there is alot to take in and grasp.   Our aim is to direct all those involved to the correct resources and reliable points of reference.  At present we are encouraging those responsible to use online material and courses.  We also hope to provide valuable seminars and accredited courses soon.

With this in mind, listed below are the NSPCC links to the relevant courses we feel appropriate to help you gain a basic understanding of safeguarding in England:-

Child Protection in Sport – 3 Hour Online Course £20

Safer Recruitment Training – 4 Hour Online Course £30

Introductory to Safe Guarding & Child Protection

Please note as different legislation apply for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the relevant material and courses are available direct from the NSPCC website.  In no way is the above an exhaustive list of courses offered by the NSPCC.  They offer in-house and more intense courses, please see their website for further details.