UKMF Compliance

UK Ring Sport Federation have been processing the UK Muaythai Federation DBS applications since 2017.

For all UKMF members whom have provided a DBS Disclosure Reference for Membership 2019 / 2020, the UKMF have provisionally allowed members to use 3rd Party issued Certificates for this years membership, so long as the following criteria are met.

  1. The disclosure be an Enhanced DBS Disclosure with Child Barring Registers Checked.
  2. Be valid until Oct 2020 (3 year maximum from date of issue – Cut off date 1st August 2017)
  3. That there are no convictions or endorsements on the Disclosure Certificate, without prior notifications

Please complete the relevant sections of the form on this page and upload your scanned copy.

Instructors Details

    Applicants Details

  • Contact Details

  • DBS Application Details

  • You must upload your full DBS Disclosure issued. File formats supported png,jpeg, gif and pdf.
  • You must upload your Instructors Insurance Certificate. File formats supported png,jpeg, gif and pdf.
  • Gym Registration

  • DBS Discloure Fees & Service

  • UKMF Compliance service are Free of Charge. (Subject to our terms and conditions). If any charges are applicable you will be notified beforehand. Please note: Should your DBS Certificate contain any convictions, cautions, reprimands, warnings, then there will be a fee charged to under take a risk assessment by our Compliance Officer. The fee will be £25.
  • Data Protection

  • I agree to the UK Ring Sports Federation and any authorised 3rd Parties (namely the United Kingdom Muaythai Federation - UKMF) have a legal right to share and use the information provided to process my Instructor Membership for the UKMF. Withdrawal of Consent. Send to UK Ring Sports Federation in writing or email at
  • I am fully aware that by submitting this application, that the information will utilised by the United Kingdom Ring Sports Federation in accordance with current UK Data Protection Legislation.